Year 2 Engagement: Scope and Sequence
Project 1 Career & College Clubs: Starting Your Engagement Club Mentors are welcomed back to their second year of Career & College Clubs, get reacquainted with fellow mentors, share their reasons and goals for continuing the club this year, and set the stage for their club success.
Project 2 Finance 201: Financial Future Game Mentors create and play a realistic financial future game involving financial problem-solving, budgeting, career choices, and education decisions, providing experiences that help them make real choices about their own future.
Project 3 Careers 201: Career Exploration & Visit Mentors explore traditional and non-traditional careers through interactive activities, career interest surveys, and online resources, and then plan their own employer visit to a nearby business to learn more about careers that interest them, creatively sharing what they learn.
Project 4 College 301: College Admission Process What’s it really like to apply to college? Mentors use the knowledge they have learned this year and last year in Career & College Clubs to go through a mock college admission process for Gold Rush College (GRC), identifying and analyzing the college admission requirements, following specific procedures for completing the application form, exploring financial aid options, and evaluating their application results.
Project 5 College 302: College Life What’s it really like to be a college student? Mentors experience the fun and surprises of college life through simulated activities and problem-solving scenarios, including decisions about food, housing, roommates, classes, spending habits, and getting their way around campus, including getting advice from real college students and graduates.
Project 6 Leadership 304: Community Entrepreneurs Mentors experience the ups and downs of running their own business or social venture as they become community entrepreneurs, working together to plan, organize, and present their venture to others, learning along the way the importance of effective leadership and using their skills from school.
Project 7 Leadership 305: Mentor Choice - Capstone Presentation Mentors plan and prepare a cumulative multimedia presentation to share with peers and their entire school community what they have learned about college and careers from Career & College Clubs.
Project 8 Career & College Clubs: Engagement Wrap-Up Mentors reflect back on all of their accomplishments in Career & College Clubs, look forward to future goals, and celebrate their success with others.