Year 1 Exploration: SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
Session 1 Career & College Clubs: Starting Your Club Mentors are introduced to their new club and fellow mentors of Career & College Clubs, share their reasons for joining, decide on group goals, and set the stage for their club success.
Session 2 College 101: Why Higher Education? Mentors discuss why college is important for them, create a club pledge of dedication to Career & College Clubs, and conduct their own survey to find out how peers feel about college.
Session 3 Leadership 101: Who, Me? Through role-playing, interactive activities, interviews, and conflict-resolution strategies, mentors start exploring how to be an effective leader and role-model for peers.
Session 4 Careers 101: Dream a Little Dream Mentors visualize their future dream life, discover possible expenses awaiting them as adults, and explore how college and career planning can help them make their dreams come true.
Session 5 Careers 102: Exploring Career Options Through individual inventories, online research, and advice from career professionals, mentors discover a variety of career options and the education needed for them.
Session 6 College 102: Researching Colleges Mentors learn about different college systems and campuses to find out which ones they might want to attend, and then creatively share their discoveries with peers.
Session 7 College 201: Preparing for College Mentors learn about the classes they need to take for high school graduation and college admission, and complete their own academic plan and pathway to success.
Session 8 Leadership 102: Leader Bootcamp Mentors explore the people, skills, and strategies involved with being a successful leader, and apply those skills and strategies with peers.
Session 9 Leadership 103: Community Leadership Mentors become community leaders as they plan, organize, and perform a community service event, discovering the benefits, challenges, and rewards of a collaborative team project.
Session 10 Finance 101: Financial Literacy Mentors learn about the costs of attending college and different types of financial aid available to help them pay for it, sharing that knowledge with peers and families.
Session 11 College 202: Campus Visit Mentors plan their own club field trip to a nearby college campus, exploring the campus to find out what it’s really like to go to college, and then sharing their experiences with peers through virtual adventure and storytelling.
Session 12 Finance 102: Personal Finances Mentors learn about personal finance and money management, the pros and cons of different pay options (cash, check, debit card, credit card), and then share their savvy through songs and games.
Session 13 Careers 103: World of Work Mentors explore and compare the dynamics of different work places locally and globally, relate those options to their own values, and collaboratively create their own model business environment.
Session 14 Leadership 104: Network of Knowledge Mentors apply leadership strategies as they practice gathering and organizing information they have learned from prior sessions, gearing up for a final presentation.
Session 15 Leadership 105: Capstone Career & College Clubs Presentation Mentors plan and prepare a multimedia presentation to share with peers and their entire school community what they have learned about college and careers from Career & College Clubs.
Session 16 Career & College Clubs: Exploration Wrap-Up Mentors reflect back on all of their accomplishments in Career & College Clubs, look forward to future goals, and celebrate their success with others.