About CCC

A 2015 study by ACT found that Career & College Clubs increased the odds of college enrollment by 85%.

NCCEP’s Career & College Clubs is a career and college readiness academic enrichment curriculum for grades 7 – 12.

The middle school program introduces students to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond; while the high school program helps students master these concepts while preparing for college and career planning.

The heart of Career & College Clubs is a research-based, 7th – 12th grade peer-to-peer curriculum, sequenced to ensure students graduate career and college ready.

Proven Results

Since 2008, Career & College Clubs has helped educators at more than 370 schools across the nation increase the odds of college enrollment.


The curriculum is based on 7th through 12th grade career and college readiness standards developed from research on effective practices and vetted by educators.

Early Intervention

Starting in middle school helps students enter 9th grade ready to succeed in high school, and on track for career and college readiness.


Peer-to-peer learning provides the structure for students to develop and practice critical social-emotional skills.


Students are involved and excited to participate in, and lead, activities where laughing is as important as learning.

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