Using student voice to improve engagement

admin | Thursday, January 26, 2017

zoneton quoteA recent eSchool News story focused on Tuscaloosa City Schools’ efforts to involve students in the district’s strategic planning efforts.

Through a survey completed by students, they found that, “students wanted the freedom to be more creative during school, and they wanted more stimulating discussions around lessons and concepts. They also wanted more links between how classroom lessons related to the real world.”

Career & College Clubs found similar results in our early research, using that data and student input to develop the program curriculum. Consequently, the curriculum relies heavily on peer learning to engage and excite students about planning for their futures.

We applaud Tuscaloosa and many other districts that work to include students in the decision-making process, and urge them to take the next step – integrate opportunities for all students to develop and practice their leadership and social emotional skills in the everyday operation of your schools.

The  eSchool News article can be found here.

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